As I searched my way through the net some days ago, I recently came across a very interesting article – very relevant for a gluten free, soy free blog.

Here in Australia, I find that (of the regular vs. gluten free bread making industries), makers of gluten free alternatives are often far more considerate of what goes into what we eat than those of regular wheat-based products.  Some non-coeliac soy allergic individuals, in today’s society, may find themselves home-baking all the time due to the soy content that exists in many pre-made bread based products.

The supermarket is a very common example.  In remote areas of the country where I live, you could safely say that virtually every wheaten bread contains some form of soy.  The only that are currently fully safe tend to be those that ARE gluten free, as all the town bakeries in my area also use cooking spray and generic blended vegetable oils to line their pans.

On a frequent basis, it does puzzle me as to why those with soy allergies have to resort to *our* baked goods simply because the food industry doesn’t address these simple needs.  I would have never suspected bread dough to require either soy oil or soy flour; certainly traditional recipes would have easily excluded both these ingredients.

Just goes to show how bizarre some parts of today’s baking industry may be.  Perhaps not such bad news for those like me already following gluten free diets as well, however I guess it could serve as a good starting point for all soy allergy sufferers.  That being said, I sometimes like to be able to consume some ‘tasty’ foods that are just primarily gluten and soy free rather than just have to always resort to second-rate dairy and egg free items just to maintain my gluten free, soy free diet.  We need as much diversity in what we eat as possible!

Anyhow, take a moment to peruse this article for a more general overview on this interesting topic: Gluten-Free Products Make Life Easier For Soy Allergy Sufferers.

Happy Living!

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