As many of my readers would be aware (at least from my previous post), that I have been having a slightly difficult time adhering my diet – especially when it comes to the gluten free side of things.

I find that for many things here in Australia, whilst it has become easier to get palatable alternatives to foods containing soy like chocolate and oils, the gluten free side of things just doesn’t seem to have worked out.

Cake, one of my favourite foods prior to being diagnosed as a coeliac, is of course out of my diet now. Whilst flourless versions of this long-lasting loved-by-all food are often available at cafes and restaurants, nothing surpasses the ‘real thing’ – especially when it’s made of chocolate – mmmmm… :p

Or Croissants, another of my ‘most-missed’ foods on the planet!

Both of these treats really seem to be “holy grail” of gluten free baking! Yes, there are gluten free versions of these items available (mostly in packet mixes) that are easy to prepare. For a busy person like me, however, finding the time to bake these versions of my favourite foods (that will probably not turn out anyway) has just not been something high on the agenda.

So, the only solution for me (at this time) is to do without.

But… this could change (and perhaps very quickly, too).

And, I’m not just talking about the coeliac vaccine, either!


*  *  *  *  *  *

Whist searching YouTube for videos under a ‘gluten free’ search heading, it was interesting to discover (on the 4th search page) a video (shown below) that points to a major breakthrough (during 2005) by The Wise Alternative, which (according to the practice) has been evidenced through trials involving 4000+ patients at a time that I would have least expected such a discovery.

Whilst it seems as though this product was developed and is available in the United States of America, it does not seem as though I can track it down in Australia at this point in time. But, unlike the coeliac vaccine (which is being developed by the Walter and Eliza Hall institute in Melbourne ImmusanT and, provided all goes well, will be available from as early as 2017), this (according to the testimonials along with study notes portrayed on the aforementioned website) seems to have been of huge success in treating a variety of forms of gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity and has not been exclusive to any particular HLA- gene associated with the coeliac condition.

Perhaps my overall view on this topic may deviate from the norm, however I often notice natural remedies in my day-to-day life to be of great use on many occasions. For Example, apple cider vinegar has always helped with ridding my fingers of warts in the past. One of my strong beliefs is that if coeliac disease is curable by means of a gluten free diet, there must be other ways in which this condition can be alleviated without the need of such a restrictive diet that some with this autoimmune condition still continue to fail to fully respond to (even once adopting a gluten free diet).

I’m not necessarily saying that the common old-time quote of “once a coeliac, always a coeliac” isn’t true. Whilst I for one am not a representative of the firm and am not (in any way) writing this post on behalf, I do (and always have) believe(d) that it is very possible and (almost quite probable) that this disease is naturally curable. On the other hand, I do have some concerns that (if this product has been available for over 5 years) it hasn’t been promoted more in the market place. And, of course, the Internet can lie too!

To conclude on the matter, I guess I’ll have to take this info for what it’s worth. I will be in contact with this company and will be enquiring about common issues (i.e. side effects) and whether there is the potential for anything to lose. If all boxes are ticked, and the responses satisfactory for my liking, I may consider getting some shipped over my way! ;)

How do you feel about this? If it was offered to you, would you ‘give it a go’, knowing that individuals treated for celiac disease and gluten intolerance with this supplement have successfully returned to a ‘normal’ dietary lifestyle without any evidence of complications (neither internal nor external)? Feel free to express your opinions and disagree. Personal perspectives can go a long way!

Let us know of your thoughts below… :)

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