As many of my readers would know, I often get frustrated by the littlest things in life – especially when it comes to the soy-free side of things. While more and more gluten free foods have become available on the supermarket shelves over the last 3-4 years, many of the bread/cake mixes and cookies are loaded with soy flour (at least here in Australia). Getting any sort of ready-meal which is gluten and soy free is always a challenge.

Eating out is also a challenge. Again it’s not so much due to gluten, but mostly soy! Restaurants are often thoughtless of the soy-allergic population and use cooking sprays and generic vegetable oils (which (for those who don’t know), by the way do contain soy (read the ingredients if you aren’t aware, and you’ll see what I’m talking about)) thus rendering well-prepared, naturally soy-free meals inedible for those of us who must avoid this wretched ingredient in all its forms.

Thankfully, some franchises still cook and bake in a more traditional manner. Grill’d in Australia is one such company with lots of locations here in Sydney and other capital cities around the country.


A couple of hours ago, I went for a Saturday lunch at one of their outlets and (after double checking my options with the staff) ordered a Simply Grill’d burger along with their world-renowned herbed chips and herbed mayo. The oil Grill’d uses in their recipes and for cooking with did not contain any soy at all. The chips are also the only item that is deep fried, so seeing as though nothing else with gluten or soy is cooked in the vats they too were safe. The gluten free buns supplied were really nice in texture and were allergen free although I think they had yeast in them.

There is also a slight gluten cross-contamination risk, as they tend to toast the gluten free buns in the same toaster as everything else (though they did brush off the conveyor belt before laying down my gluten free buns). The assembly line was also a cause of concern. Thankfully my gluten reactions generally aren’t as bad as my soy ones and seeing as though virtually all items made and used on premises are soy-free I made an allowance for it.

Their beef patties were also to die for. I loved their chips as well. My only complaint was the high price tag but, believe me, when you’re seeking something to eat when out in town with such enormous food restrictions, I’ll pay just about anything to keep myself well-fed, especially when what I get is sooo delicious!!!

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