Previously I talked about gluten free pizza here in Australia and how most of the gluten free bases we have here contain soy flour.

In August last year I became very upset about the fact that soy seemed to be getting added to more and more gluten free foods that I previously bought all the time. My post on Country Life Bakery introducing soy flour to their gluten free breads generated an interesting discussion, which continues to this day!


It may well be by chance, but as of the beginning of the year, the recipe of Domino’s gluten free pizza bases in Australia has changed and they no longer contain soy! They have also changed their logo in the past year so perhaps this is the beginning of a new time… :/

Their most recent allergen listing (March 2013) details which allergens are present in the different pizza bases.

This is good news for those avoiding soy as well as gluten. Unfortunately they still use soybean oil in a number of recipes including their pizza sauce so their selections are still not soy free.

But, as I said, it’s a start!

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