I did something very irresponsible yesterday. I bought a Helga’s loaf. And no it was not one of their new loaves (I think most gluten free people here in Australia know what I’m talking about now… ;) ). It was one of their regular gluten and soy containing mixed grain loaves.

But boy did I pay for it, or what?!

Now, to the new loaves.


They are gluten free, Australian made (and therefore contain soy flour, duh!) and look nothing like Helga’s as we remembered it in our pre coeliac/soyfree days.

Heck, even the Genius Gluten Free loaves (which are also soy free and so good) introduced to Australia earlier this year seem to bare more resemblance to the traditional loaves of Helga’s than any of their new gluten free stuff that seems similar to that of both Country Life Bakery and Burgen’s gluten free range of breads. Something fishy must be going on. Given how basic and unpalatable the new Helga’s gluten free breads look in comparison to their wheaten counterparts, I really have no desire to try these loaves for my self, given the soy content and my reactions to soy as well as the high likelihood that it won’t taste good enough for my standards.

I’ll stick with Genius and Pure Bred. Although (sadly :( ) neither are Australian made, both brands’ loaves are soy free and taste delicious.

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